JUST LIKE JESUS by Max Lucado: A Review

This book, published in 1991 came from my church library and was a very inspirational read from my favorite inspirational author.  The premise is, “God loves you the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way.  He wants you to be…Just Like Jesus.”  Sounds impossible?  I thought so too.  However, Lucado gives examples of people learning to be like Jesus in some hard relationship situations and offers encouragements and strategies to act/think/be more like Jesus in those situations.  Lucado helps us develop a heart like Jesus’: a forgiving heart, a compassionate heart, a listening heart, a God-intoxicated heart, a worship-hungry heart, a focused heart, an honest heart, a pure heart, a hope-filled heart, a rejoicing heart, an enduring heart…(chapter titles) and he tells us the way to do this is to focus on Jesus, to “fix your eyes upon Him.”

There is also an excellent study guide in the back for those who wish to read and study the book in groups. As always, Lucado’s writing is almost lyrical.  Here is an example: “‘Rabbi, where are you staying?’ (John 1:38) Pretty bold request.  They didn’t ask Jesus to give them a minute or a message or a miracle.  They asked for his address. They asked to hang out with Him.  They wanted to know Him.  They wanted to know what caused His head to turn and His heart to burn and His soul to yearn [use of rhythm and rhyme].  They wanted to study His eyes and follow His steps…They wanted to know what made Him laugh and if He ever got tired.”   This kind of excellent writing, keeps the reader turning the pages and allows the author’s “message” to sink in without deliberately  “preaching-at” the reader.

I got a lot out of this book and can say I enjoyed every minute of reading it.  You will too.