Guest Writer, SADIE H., age 8

This is a story written by my third grade friend and neighbor , Sadie H.

The Creepy Eyeball

Characters: Sadie, aka “Starlight”

Rae, aka “Moon”

Once there was Moon and Starlight. Strarlight drew an all-seeing eye on Moon’s whiteboard. They didn’t know that it would come to life. One day, they were looking at the whiteboard, and the eye was no longer there. They looked all over Moon’s house for the eyeball, and finally after much searching, they found the eyeball in Moon’s closet. THE EYEBALL WAS ALIVE!

The eyeball had become two feet from upper lid to bottom lid and three feet across from corner to corner. Moon wondered how it had traveled from the whiteboard to the closet. It had no legs. Starlight pointed out that it had probably rolled. They set up a video camera to see where it moved next. On the camera, they saw it go under Moon’s king-sized bed, so they knelt down and looked under the bed. It was gone!

Starlight said to Moon, “Where did it go?” Moon said, I don’t know–beats me!” Finally, they went to the kitchen and turned on the oven to make their lunch. It was then they saw the eyeball cooking in the oven! They decided to leave the eyeball in the oven to die.

Stay tuned to the next chapter…