Last night I finished a book that I will NOT put out in my Little Free Library in the yard or sell it in the bookstore. This is one I will want to return to again and again. It helped me “grow” that much.

Staci Eldridge’s Becoming Myself explores the inner battles most women face. It invites the reader to “step up and step out of every crippling, counterfeit thing that keeps us from the only thing, the everything that is Christ.” Many times I have said, “Someday I’ll get my act together.” Eldridge says, “not someday, but now!”

There is an abundance of material in this engaging book on which to base workshops, women’s motivational speeches and women’s retreats. One chapter I’d like to try my hand at presenting is titled, “Becoming Our Name.” It deals with meeting one’s authentic self and living up to the ideal of her. The first chapter, titled “Does Anyone Ever Change?” points out that lasting change takes time. Eldridge looks into the question, “How can we hurry up the process?” She invites us to look back, evaluate, and set goals. Many parts were quotable and well worth sharing. I guarantee you’ll come away with a kinder, more patient view of yourself.

This book has been on my TBR shelf so long that I don’t know where it came from, so it will help me with my 2023 challenges, fulfilling the Books From the Backlog Challenge to read 12 books from my TBR ranks in 2023.

RAE 3/12/23