The Purple Booker thought up a popular meme, the Tuesday Teaser. In it one is asked to turn to wherever she is reading in a current book and copy two or so sentences in order to “tease” someone into reading the book.

My Tuesday Teaser for today is from Rick Riordan’s The Devil Went Down to Austin. I am currently on page 219. Detective Lopez is talking to the murder suspect’s brother, Tres Navarro, a private eye. The local police are looking for the body of a woman whose boat has been found drifting.

“I’ll see you later,” Lopez told me. “Go teach your class.” (Tres teaches a history class at UT in Austin to get his mind off the seamier side of PI life.)

“He met my eyes, and just for that moment I saw the anger behind his smile–the offense I’d done him by digging too deep…He was giving me fair warning.”