Just as Saturday morning TV programming was reserved for kids during the 50s and 60s, PWR reserves Saturday Mornings for kids’ books.

Today’s selection is a book I ordered for my niece’s husband (and his daughter age 4) to read together. They are both huge Star Wars fans.

I have seen Jeffrey Brown’s cartoons before, but this one is priceless!

Imagine Darth Vader, in full regalia, seated at an outer space bar with a four-year-old Luke Skywalker in his Jedi clothes, admonishing Luke, “Don’t make bubbles”, as little Luke blows instead of sips his beverage. Throughout the book, Darth Vader protects and corrects his son in a fatherly way until by the end of the book, when Little Luke hugs Darth’s leg and says, “I love you, Dad,” we are inclined to feel that perhaps good ole Darth “ain’t so bad after all.” At the end, Vader’s Little Princess is mentioned as another Brown book, one which is a MUST for my father-daughter duo.

I know, I know I promised myself I’d order no books until I whittled down my TBR shelves, but this one was TOO GOOD TO PASS UP!