A novel told in a series of connected poems

A creative/fun novel and a darned good read
A wonderful debut novel by Sarah Jio

Continuing to read daily


The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins

The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin–this is the third in the “Broken Earth” Series

which I started a couple of years ago. My Better Half and I read the first book aloud to each other; I read the second on my own, and started the third. This week I dragged it out from my book closet in my office and re-started it.

Mindfulness by Lisa Brooks and Marie D. Jones–a 2019 publication I found in Barnes and Noble’s “Book Annex” (markdowns) section on a recent visit.

Dearly by Margaret Atwood–her latest collection of poems I hope to finish during National Poetry Month

Searching for God…Knows What by Donald Miller–a hand-me-down from a friend


I have until April 30th to read something from the jar (already set up) full of selections listed on strips that are considered classics.

I have everything all set up, butI am sooooo busy with end of semester grading (6 of the 24 students worked ahead and have finished the semester); observing National Poetry Month on my blogs; throwing a “Celebration of Books” last Sunday outdoors where we gave away over 100 free books in two hours–attendance was poor, but many neighbors “saw” our Little Free Library for the first time, which led to more “stops” later in the week and two bagfuls of donated books; and being a “social butterfly” this week having another couple over for coffee and leftover cookies from the party; having a former student and her ten-year-old son over for supper Friday night; and having a children’s author from a nearby city and her nine-year-old daughter over for lunch (They brought then lunch from a local Mexican restaurant.) and a three hour visit today to talk about her writing career start and to receive her first kid’s novel for me to review soon. This is the first time I have received an advance copy . More on this later!

Whew! I plan to do nothing but minimal grading, reading and resting on Sunday. It is supposed to be a day of rest anyway, and I need one. LOL



This was more a week of recovering from our second Covid shot and catching up on schoolwork than reading.
I did finish a few things.

These three were all done, and I reviewed them as a trilogy on PWR.

This lovely portrait of Madeline L’Engle

I listened to this on Hoopla, thanks to my county library system.

I also listened to this one on either Hoopla or Cloud Library of the Brazoria County Library System.

This was a fine read I started and finished this week. It kept me turning pages. It was borrowed from the library.

My regular “devotional” which I was behind on, but I have now caught up and am ready for a new week.

This is a book I started (ordered it from a second hand online source) but with library books demanding attention and having due dates, I have had to put it aside. It is a most enjoyable novel. I intend to finish it this coming week.

This book I have put on my DNF (did not finish) list. Although it started out good, it is dragging, and I just do not have enough patience to continue.

I read the first two stories and explications/analyses in this remarkable book, and my time with it expired. I marked my notes and took it back to the library, but I have every intention of checking it out again (maybe not right away, but when school grading calms down) because it satisfies the Lit major in me. I read slowly and savored every page of the two stories and the pages of analysis on each.

If books are clutter, my house is VERY cluttered!




This is an approximation, but since January, 2021, I have read:

13 kids books

7 non-fiction books

1 eBook

3 books of poetry

1 audiobook

and 12 novels



A Read with Jenna Selection

Jenna Bush Hagar’s Book Club on the Today Show
A Beverly Cleary kid’s novel about divorce and being “the new kid”
The third in the Wallace Family series (Begins with A Wrinkle in Time)
My daily check in with my “authentic self”

Currently I am reading:

The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai

Kissing Annabel by Steven Herrick

The Violets of March by Sarah Jio

A Swim in a Pond in the Rain by George Saunders

YES, I can keep the books separate in my head. They are all so different.

I ALSO WATCHED A GREAT DEAL OF TV, thanks to a four-day 2nd Covid shot reaction and to a couple of days spent on the couch due to pain in my feet, legs and hip. There are some really good movies and some Netflix series that kept my mind off of things for the duration.

This was my week; how was yours? Let me know in the Reply section below.

Because of the age of my Advanced Writing students, I am always interested in the Millennials. I came across this interesting research this past week.



AFTER THE RECENT SNOWMAGGEDON, the temps getting up to 80 degrees was a blessing!

This week was sunny, often cloudy and humid, but…WHO CARES! No more snow; no more 14 degrees with no heat. The plumbing and heat & air-conditioning trucks travel throughout the subdivision, and soaked carpeting and insulation are left out on yards to be picked up. Things are slowly returning to normal. I am caught up with catching up my online Advanced Writing class, and have been able to do some reading.

An attempt to read more non-fiction

An attempt to read more poetry

A re-read for a “project”
Another re-read, same “project”

An eBook

My daily “read”

I am savoring this one and reading slowly.

Definitely something from The Classics!

That’s me all right!


HAPPY Valentine’s Day

Grunge rubber stamp with word Finished inside,vector illustration
Reviewed recently on PWR

In spite of the title, this is not a romantic read. Reviewed earlier today on PWR

Reviewed recently on PWR


A re-read
re-read on an audiobook format
A delightful read reviewed on “Saturday Morning for Kids, PWR


Not yet reviewed
My daily devotional

I finished up two books today, and am planning to start two new ones tonight.


*Clearing TBR shelves We simply made room for more by adding built-in bookshelves in the guest bedroom at Christmas.

*Reading more non-fiction I am making excellent progress here and starting Think Again by Adam Grant tonight.

*Reading more poetry I am doing well here and am enjoying myself after a neglectful break from poetry.

*Celebration of Color Challenge Completed in January

*Reading books about and by Madeline L’Engle. I re-read two of her books about the Murray family and a biography of L’Engle written by her granddaughters so far.

—-COMING SOON— A reading challenge involving New York City for March

Until next time, stay classy lassies (and lads)!


I have been so busy with the start of the new semester that I have done very little reading, other than looking at and marking student assignments. I have done some reading which is summarized here.

Grunge rubber stamp with word Finished inside,vector illustration
A lovely historical fiction story told in the form of closely connected poems

This is so much more than a children’s book. It is the story some of my students back in the 70s experienced as they fled Vietnam, were sponsored by local churches, and were plopped into my reading class with no knowledge of English. This was one of my most challenging and most rewarding teaching assignments ever. I often wonder what became of Son, Hau and Dung, and where they ended up. I often wonder if they are well and happy.

A wonderful book of poems recommended by a blogger friend

I am reading this book slowly, savoring every word and appreciating the lovely word choices and phrasing.

Min Jin Lee is a new author to me, one I am respecting more and more, the further I get into the book.

This is a wonderful novel. I am lucky enough to get the large print edition from my local library. It is a long book to begin with, and in large print, it is a good five inches thick!

My daily check-in with Breathnach and with myself

There isn’t a day that goes by that this book doesn’t speak to me. I copy many of its copious quotes into my Quote Notebook, and think all day about what this author says. I am learning to think about myself, my life, and things, in general, differently because of this book.

This came in the mail yesterday

When I opened my mailbox, there was a book! I was excited because I couldn’t remember ordering one. Peachtree Publishers were kind enough to send me a free copy, and I had forgotten it was even coming. What a wonderful surprise! It will be perfect for a Saturday Morning for Kids post.

It’s definitely time for another classic! I have plenty on hand on my TBR, it’s just a matter of picking one up.

So, happy reading, and as we say goodbye to January, let’s look at February as a month of love–to others and to ourselves.


Waiting for the semester to start, and trying to stay safe at home, I did a good deal of reading to pass the time.

I Was able to tie up some loose ends by finishing several books I’d started some time ago. (Grunge rubber stamp with word Finished inside,vector illustration)


Will probably not review this one. I found it disturbing, especially since it was a speculative “take” on an actual situation.
An especially helpful book–first non-fiction read of 2021

Started and finished this book in the 2 week time period between Sunday Summaries as part of my Madeline L’Engle project for 2021. TO BE REVIEWED SOON ON PWR
Started and finished in this 2 week time frame again. REVIEWED RECENTLY ON PWR
Read in two days, a real page turner TO BE REVIEWED SOON ON PWR

My go-to inspirational reading for daily thought

Panchinko by Min Jin Lee–I have checked this out of the library and just begun it this weekend.


That’s it for today’s Sunday Summary. Classes begin after the MLK Holiday, so I hope I will be reading as much in the days to come. In the meantime,



Here’s what I finished this past two weeks:

Reviewed earlier on this blog
To be reviewed soon
Audiobook read for Classic Club
Borrowed from the library
Read for Celebration of Color Challenge–PINK
Taking my daily devotional from this
Almost finished
Haven’t read a memoir in a while
Watched a lot

Virgin River–several episodes

Girl Boss–two episodes including the Christmas episode which was really good

The New Girl–one episode

Emily in Paris–am really enjoying this–two episodes

In the Dark–one episode

Episodes–two episodes

Finished an entire season of Dash and Lily

Began Sophia Loren in The Life Ahead

A couple of Christmas movies


I’ve had more time to read now that the semester is over, and I’m staying home because I’m scared of Covid.

My friend Susan made these two quilts, one for My Better Half, one for me.

My favorite Christmas present

A good motto to remember

Carry on, and Happy Reading!


Although I did a lot of reading this week, it was so diversified that I finished very little.
Reading this as my devotional each day.
Still reading and digesting slowly…
Put this aside for awhile…
Slodging through…

The farther I get into this, the more I like it!

What I Watched:

More than I’d like to admit: several Christmas movies; three or four series, more than one episode; and the total most recent season of The Crown. All of these I enjoyed immensely.


Continuing to read:

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Heart Talk:Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life by Cleo Wade

The Dutch House narrated by Tom Hanks

Just Kids by Patti Smith


movie: Christmas in the Smokies

series: The New Girl Thanksgiving episode

I am looking forward to reading:

Buddhaland Brooklyn by Richard C. Morais