Today’s Readathon included reading a kids’ selection for my usual Saturday Mornings for Kids.
This is a book I have looked forward to featuring in October.

Vlad is not your “normal” Vampire. His family lives in a haunted mansion on a hill, they drink ordered blood for breakfast, and all can turn into bats and fly–except Vlad. Vlad is scared of humans (instilled in him by his grandfather’s tales), exposure to the sun (which his dad insists will burn his skin) and most of all, scared of never having a friend. Until one day, Vlad ventures into town and inadvertently finds himself in the human kids’ school. Assuming he is one of the recent refugees come to town, his teacher and the other kids acquaint him with the tips and tricks of attending school. Vlad is pleasantly surprised and makes one good friend who is very curious about his “background.” What Vlad does and what his friend does when the fact that he is a vampire is revealed make for a humorous, fun read. Read this one to your six-year-olds or have your eight-year-olds read it to you!