WEDNESDAY, What I’m Reading

Here it is Wednesday of Spring Break. Some of my Advanced Writing students are traveling; some are trying to work ahead. I have enjoyed my time “off” and have kept busy with projects and have managed to have some social contact with friends. The reaction to our second Covid shot is done, and by the 23rd of this month, I will be “fully protected.” PTL!

I recently finished this fine novel.

This novel is definitely a nominee for my best read of 2021. Lily King knows her topic: the lives and loves of aspiring authors. Published in 2020, the novel follows the life of Casey, age 31, whose mother has recently died, and who is facing a mountain of debt. It is set in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1997. Casey had been a child prodigy in the world of professional golf, but she hasn’t played in years. Her father, with whom she has a complicated relationship, was her manager. She rents a tiny room, attached to a garage, which was formerly a potting shack, and the room smells like it. She has spent the past six years writing a novel and is currently supporting herself and making minimum payments to her creditors by waitressing. Desperately “balancing the conflicting demands of art and life,” Casey meets two attractive men at the same time of her lonely life.

King writes with “humor, heart, and intelligence,” describing what it means to be a writer and what it means to write. The book was a Read With Jenna selection, promoted on The Today Show on NBC.

I can’t believe my Spring Break is halfway over!