BLOGMAS 2021, Day 4

“It is more blessed to give than receive,” and the spirit of Christmas involves giving.

We ended up being blessed today as we invited an Afghan refugee family and their friends/helpers into our home for lunch today. The man, an interpreter for the US Marines in Afghanistan, his young pregnant wife and their son left Afghanistan with only the clothes on their backs. We went through our house, giving them furniture that was extra, household goods (We had many duplicates), and clothes we didn’t need (Who needs five pairs of shoes?). And My Better Half said he didn’t need 12 short sleeve shirts or five long-sleeved ones (Ali is the same size as he is). I had fixed lentils with no meat for the Muslims, and the other two men helping them had sausage rounds added to their bowls. We had an SUV and truck filled with furniture, and bags and boxes of things we were willing to share leave our house around three that afternoon.

I was interested that these Muslims celebrated Christmas–the secular parts of it: trees, Santa Claus, candy canes, etc. We shared our decorations and Christmas wrapping paper, etc. as well.

Their friend, a retired Marine, who has helped many refugee families told us almost the entire apartment building this couple lives in houses refugees from all over the world. He helps many families regardless of their home country, religion, etc. What a blessing he is, and what an honor it was for us to meet him.