I like to read more than one book at a time. Here I have a devotional book (top), a self-help book (far left), a novel (middle), and an inspirational/”religious” book.

Currently I am reading daily from

This book is especially for women, is spiritual in nature without having a lot of Bible verses (I have another devotional book for that that I read daily.), and I often find myself copying its passages into my Quotes Notebook.

The Gifts of Perfection by Brene Brown has a whole section in my everyday journal/notebook that I am copying parts I want to read again and again in. I am enjoying The Ninth Hour a great deal. It reminds me of Call the Midwives. Blue Like Jazz has its own kind of spirituality/inspiration. It tells of the author’s pain at the word “Christianity”, and his preference for “Spiritual Christianity.” He explains that many misdeeds were done in the name of Christianity (think Crusades, The Inquisition, Witch Trials, etc.) and apologizes for them as a “spiritual Christian.” Quite a new take on an old subject.

A lot to finish up, a lot to read, and definitely a lot to think about.

Thank you for reading this rambling post.

Sunday (Evening) Post on Monday

Yesterday got away from me, and so I am writing Sunday’s intended post on Monday. Looking back at the last one on June 18th, I found that I had started Dr. Sleep by Stephen King which I am still continuing to read, in fact, nearing the “finish line”; and my, is it good! Also I had started Carry Me Like Water by Saenz, which I am also continuing to read on Kindle.  At the time I was still reading The Lightening Thief by Riordian which I have since finished and reviewed on this blog. We also were continuing our shared project, Book One of the Broken Earth Series as a read-aloud, and this past weekend we made more progress than usual, reading three chapters rather than just two.  I hope to get in a chapter a night during the week this week, so we’ll be ready to move on to Book Two soon.  It is a fun thing to read aloud together, and My Better Half and I are thoroughly enjoying the action, drama, and beautiful writing of this series.

Now on to my post for July 15th. As of Sunday, I completed Finish Strong, an inspirational book which I had set aside several months ago. I am very glad I read the final chapters, for they were some of the most helpful. I also read The Houston Chronicle Sunday edition from cover to cover and now feel prepared to face a new week of issues and news stories with a good background.

I started Maya Angelou’s second book in her seven volume autobiography, Singing and Swinging and Making Merry Like Christmas and several poems from Shaker Why Don’t You Sing? , one of her lesser known collections of poetry. I found both while moving books around on the shelf and discovered I had them but had never read them.

I binged watched several episodes from The Crown on Netflix, nearing the completion of the first season. I also watched two episodes from another Netflix series, Strange Empire.

I quit reading and delegated to my Little Free Library Golden Son,a story about an Indian pre-med student which was just too much like other novels I’d read on the same topic.

I am looking forward to reading Maya Angelou’s Letter to My Daughter, another “find” on my own shelf.

This is already proving to be a very busy week ahead with a doctor’s appointment this morning, a test to be done Thursday, but it also promises lunch with friends to discuss The Great American Read and a concert at the university Thursday night.  Full, yes. But, never boring!