I heard about this book the way I hear about so many–on the Today Show on NBC

Cleo Wade’s 2020 poster/poem/little book, despite its title, speaks to one’s mind as much as to one’s heart. It is full of quotes, poems, memes and posters, all of which seem to speak directly to each reader. It deals with self-image, self-care, self-love and many philosophical issues one deals with daily. As the subtitle indicates, it is “wisdom for a better life.” The neatest part is that the advice is all doable.I kept mu Quotes Notebook close at hand because I was constantly reading something I wanted to remember–forever. It was a slow read, even though there were only a few words on many of the pages because I would gently close the book, close my eyes, and “think about” what Wade had written. I felt a definite “attitude adjustment” and growth as a result of reading this little book.

Now is the time to start again…

I came across this in a little Hallmark gift book I was reading, and it’s too good not to share:

“Now is the time…(Book title is Now is the Time:170 Ways to Seize the Moment)

…to start again.

Look at nature: nothing stays the same.

Use change to your advantage.

Keep the things that matter.

Change the things that don’t.

Like a sporting champion, change a losing game.

Then start again.

‘Go out as far as you can go and start from there.’ ¬† ¬†Albert Einstein ”