WHEN I FIRST STARTED BLOGGING in 2016, I almost exclusively read novels. My friend, Deb Nance, the one who enticed me into blogging in the first place, almost exclusively read children’s books and for personal growth, non-fiction. As our friendship grew from acquaintances to almost-sisters over the years, she became enamored of good literary fiction, and I discovered that the writing in non-fiction could be as good and as beautiful as poetically-influenced novels. For the past two years, I have made a conscientious effort to read more non-fiction. My most recent attempt not only gave me enjoyment, but also gave me tips and techniques I could use in my Advanced Writing classes.

Described as a “Go-to-guide to creating ridiculously good content,” Handley’s book shed light on writing skills for business, marketing, personal writing, and academic writing, which I was most interested in. Part one of this well-organized handbook is titled, “How to Write Better (and How to Hate Writing Less).” The chapters I found most relevant to me were: “Shed High School Rules”; Organize, Relax, You’ve Got This”; Keep it Simple But Not Simplistic”; and “Break Some Grammar Rules (At Least These Five).”

Practically everyone can benefit from this interest-keeping book. Judge from the chapter titles, “Things Marketers Work With” and “Writing Better Blog Posts.” I admit that I skimmed some of this practical advice book, but the parts I read, I studied, taking notes so I could replicate the activities/discussions/lessons in my classroom.

Thanks Ann Handley for making my job more interesting.