In April, National Poetry Month, I read poetry daily, and like all times when I read poetry, I thought to myself, “I ought to read poetry more often.” In an effort to do just that, and to add to the 20 books recommended by fellow bloggers I set for a goal in 2020, I finished a poetry collection yesterday.

Kaur’s unusual and sometimes disquieting poetry is something a bit out of my comfort zone, but am I ever glad I bought this one to read! It certainly kept my attention as the poems connected and transitioned into each other. Also, in the middle of the book, there was a poetically worded prose section which told a story, a convicting, disturbing story.

The entire book is one the reader experiences, not just reads. The poet’s thoughts and talents are outstanding, and I will be on the lookout for other collections by her, for sure. A shout-out to blogging friend, Khyati Gautam for this recommendation.