A looooooong time, for sure!

I was browsing some posts from blogging friends this morning, and I came across one from Stacking the Shelves on Carla’s blog, “Carla Loves Reading. ” It reminded me of this particular meme, so here, at least is a picture of what arrived to stock my shelves this past week, Sept. 18-today, the 23rd.


Happy reading!

FOR EVERYTHING A SEASON by Phillip Gulley: A Review

This book, subtitled “Simple Musings on Living Well” was published in 1999, a year after my father died.

This book was presented to our church library in memory of my dad, six months after he died by the Sunday school class I was teaching at the time. It was the age group, “Seventy to Heaven”. I was not old enough to be in the class, but took it on and with the help of My Better Half, continued teaching it for a total of 30 years. It was a very good “season” of my life. And, this is how I would describe this book of simple, but profound essays, a journey through the various seasons of our life. The author has been dubbed “a master storyteller,” and that he is. His stories are about his friends, family, and the inhabitants of his hometown, Danville, Indiana, population 4,800. Indeed his musings/stories are small town homilies.

Overall, it is a pleasant, enjoyable reading experience. Read this book if you think you would enjoy good Cristian insights from a Quaker pastor.

READ AN E-BOOK DAY: Sunday, September 18th

I began reading an e-book on my Kindle during my Labor Day Readathon.

group people worker professionals labor day vector illustration

I chose one I had won in a blogger’s giveaway, Dead of Winter Break, a cozy mystery by Kelly Brakenhoff. In this second book in a series (which read just fine as a stand-alone) Cassandra Soto, an administrator at a Nebraska college has begun her second semester there after living in warm Hawaii. She has her first, unwelcome, taste of Nebraska winters. She and Murphy, an unwanted dog, live in a house that is damaged by a Nebraska storm. Sean Gill, one of the love interests involved in this story, is a neighbor’s son, visiting for the Holidays. Or is he? Is he there for some other reason, and does he get involved in the fixing of Cassandra’s house for some other reason than neighborliness? The head of Campus Police, Andy Summers, is another love interest who keeps Cassandra apprised of all campus matters, since she is in charge during the Holidays.

At the December commencement, attended by Cassandra and her sleuthing buddy, Cinda, they spot Dr. Nielson, who supposedly retired and moved to Florida. It turns out Nielson, who had supervised a student/faculty trip to China the past semester, has changed his mind about retiring and has returned to the small college town. Wondering how his return will affect her promotion and plans, Cassandra attempts to get in touch with him, but before she can do so, he is murdered.

Forced to live in the dorm with the International students and those who cannot go home for the Holidays, Cassandra becomes the “dorm mother” to the students who connect with Murphy in a way she has been unable to do thus far. The relationships between the students and between the students and Cassandra provide clues and suspects into Dr. Nielson’s demise.

There are a good number of twists and turns that keeps the reader turning pages–whoops! scrolling right. LOL that provide red herrings and many suspects in the affair.

It is a darned good read .


FOR THE LOVE OF THE BARD by Jessica Martin: A Review

a second chance at romance after goofing up the first time

Miranda Barnes, literary agent and secret writer is conned by her mother, professor of literature and head of the annual Shakespeare festival in Bard’s Rest, a small town in New England, into directing Twelfth Night on one of the stages featuring The Bard’s plays. She is avoiding “the guy who broke her heart on prom night,” Adam, son of the local veterinarian, who is standing in for his father who has had heart surgery.

Since Miranda is directing and Adam is in charge of set design, they are unavoidably “thrown together” as they navigate the plans for the festival.Shakespeare’s observation that “The course of true love never runs smooth” is proven as miscommunications that cause plot twists and turns occur. Family relationships including Miranda with her parents, Amanda with her younger sister, and family secrets from the past are revealed as the reader quickly turns the pages in this 2022 publication.

I had to wait weeks to get this book from my local library, but the wait was worth it. There is one fairly graphic sex scene, but it is not offensive, nor does it use “bad” words; instead, it carries the element of attraction, and ultimately love between the main characters.

I would label this novel a good, fast, “sweet” read.

This was one of the three books I finished in my Labor Day Readathon.


Today’s Saturday Mornings for Kids is also for adults. It is for anyone dealing with being a Southpaw. These two books are easy enough for kids to read, with plenty of cartoons, but interesting enough for adults to enjoy. It is the perfect book for parents and grandparents to teach a kid to celebrate rather than curse his/her left-handedness.

The first book deals with famous left handers as well as encouraging facts about being left handed.

Interesting myths and facts about Southpaws, including where the term came from.

This second book is the one I discovered in a box of books donated to my Bookstore Endeavor.

The Natural Superiority of The Left Hander has many fun-filled facts with great illustrations about left handed people. The book was published in 1979 and is dedicated to “the citizens of Left Hand, West Virginia, population 450, and every one a Left Hander.”

Did you know that in the UK, it is against the rules to play polo left-handed? This rule even applied to King Charles, who in his polo playing days was known as The Prince of Wales. There are more left-handed boys than girls, and no reason has been found…YET! Did you know that there’s on population where left-handers are in the majority? Among gorillas!

Many more facts and issues of left-handedness are explored, and they are presented in a fascinating manner–even to righties like me!

This post has been presented by Right-Handed Rae in honor and appreciation of her Leftie Friends!

Thanks, Evin, for the sign off.