This information came across my desk recently from the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) organization, a cause which I believe in and support financially. The flyer deals with “America’s Literary Crisis,” and the statistics that appear are alarming.  Did you know that 65% of 4th graders in the US read below grade level? 34% of children entering school lack the basic language skills needed to learn how to read?  Only 37% of students who graduate from high school can read at or above proficiency levels? 43% of American adults are functionally illiterate? 93 million adults in the US read at or below the basic level needed to contribute successfully to society?

As the Foundation points out, “If we don’t act now, children from disadvantaged communities will always be at risk and future generations will continue to be impacted.” This is why each of us needs to support children’s literacy. At RIF, people are committed to a literate America and give all children access to books.  RIF provides “new books for poor kids” as a sixth grader phrased it. It is a proven intervention program that supports at-risk children who may not have school libraries.

Think seriously about contributing to this worthy, effective cause.  Send a check to:

RIF  (Reading Is Fundamental)

1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, 11th Floor

Washington, D.C. 20036

For more information, see WWW.RIF.ORG